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I was (still am?) heavily addicted to vicodin and other narcotics, but I've been clean for months (I don't count exactly, it's not something I boast about). I was just wondering if anybody who got off their addiction ever got over the need/cravings for them?

I had the opportunity to buy last week, but they didn't show and I had somewhere to be. I'm sick and tired of the cravings, want to know if they go away and how long it takes? Out of everything I've ever been addicted to, narcotics are always the ones hardest to get off of for me.

In hindsight, I guess I was lucky they didn't show up. Is there something I can do to help subside the need in the meantime? So I won't get stupid and drive out to scary places again? :confused:

I'm trying to stop being a loser, and this keeps coming back to bite me.