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hi , yea i've already done the trigger point injections.1 epidural and have another scheduled for the 17 but it only help the sacrum pain but nothing for the low mid back pain does any one here know what the tech. term of my conidition is 9 vertabreas are stuck over to the left...and i have l/4 l/5 min buldge......the chiopractor who injured me said i had scoliosis min at 15
my mri that had in dec . did not mention it at all but said about the buldge and some thing about deg. disc but no one else has said anything about it...also i need to get a blood test they said something about mt bone marrow but my dr thought it was nothing...
i take xanax , vicodin every 4 hours:(:(
its rainy today so my pain is higher plus i ran out of my xanax so my dr office is trying to fax it to the pharmacy....
i can't get it tell my hubby gets home i can't drive
sorry about my rambling