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Thanks for all the advice.I did get out for awhile but my body is so weak I had to come back.It is really hard to eat but I am going to try,I have been drinking a ton of water all day and from day 1.I have been crying all day and I think my hubby is really getting sick of me And I don't blame him.It is 85 and muggy out and I have goosebumps.I am going to try hard to walk around more.I found a vicodin in my purse and wanted to take it to make this end,but I threw it away.I don't ever want to go back to day 1 ever again.Took a shower earlier but I felt like I was going to pass out so I had to get out.I feel so hopeless .......
So sorry to hear about all the pain you are going through.I can tell you I do think that the bar of soap underneath my sheet in bed helped with the leg pain.I am 13 days off of 120 mg of vicodin a day.I never ever want to go through what I have in these 13 days ever again.From what I get from your post you are in pain and may need the meds to help you.Have you talked to your doctor about this?If not I think you should.Let him/or her know what you are going through and how you have built up a tolerance to them and find yourself running out of your meds.It can only help you.I pray that you can live pain and pill free some day.