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Hi, I really no how hard things can be for you. I come from a long line of family addictions. My father was a pot head and alcoholic. (My dad just passed away this march) My son is now sitting in jail an he is only 17 years old ! He had one stupid drunk night with friends who talked him into breaking into cars while they were drinking.I am trying to get out of a relationship ( 6 months long) with a man who uses pot,booze,pills. I found out he shoots the pills. I am so devastated !!!! I have health problems and due to that became addicted to vicodin myself.
I made the decission to join this site for support because after what i seen with the boyfriend i dam sure do not want to go down this addition road any longer. I started taken the meds for the real pain but feel like along the way i let my lifes pain take over.
As for your son i wish you the best and all you can do is stay strong for him and yourself.Your mom on the other hand has to beable to face the truth about her problem or she will not get better. I learned this the hard way thru my boyfriend.
Sometimes as much as we love our family and want to help all we can do is stand back an wait until they see the light then go from there. Good luck an i am always here for support.