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It's been about a month since doc took me abruptly off the Lyrica (due to side effects) and replaced it with Neurontin for my nerve pain. About 10 days after that, my chronic insomnia returned with a vengeance (it had been under control fairly well for several months). Now, I cannot sleep to save my life.

Could the sudden cessation of Lyrica be the problem? I was on 150mg, 2x a day. Doc just upped my 600 mg dose of Neurontin from 1x to 3x (so far, only at 2x, but in a few days will up to 3x). I am also taking Voltaren, 2x a day, and at bedtime, I take Ambien CR (12.5 mg), Promethazine (generic for Phenergan), Mirapex for my RLS and Zanaflex (recently changed from Flexeril). I also have Vicodin for BT pain, but don't take it all the time.
I also occasionally take a .5mg Xanax for anxiety, and let me tell you, at bedtime, my anxiety is getting bad due to the sleeplessness going on.

I go to bed at 11:00-11:30, and not getting to sleep until 4:00 or 5:00 am. Last night, I took all my meds, plus an extra Promethazine and an extra Xanax, and still didn't fall asleep until 4:30 am. I am a zombie because I am not getting enough sleep to let the drugs get out of my system.

I posted here instead of the Sleep Disorders board because I wanted to see if anyone can see a problem with the meds that I'm just missing.

FYI, I also have a CPAP machine, and while I've used it for years and thought I was accustomed to it, lately it is contributing to my sense of anxiety when it becomes apparent that sleep is not coming.

Any thoughts? If it is due to the sudden stoppage of Lyrica, how long before it passes? I have had so many years of trouble with my sleep, I fear that the delicate balance I had achieved has been decimated and I may have a lot of trouble getting it back...

Your zombied and freaked-out friend,
Hey MM,

How much Klonopin were/are you taking? I have .5mg tablets left over from when I took them last (about a year ago). The Xanax doesn't seem to be doing squat for me. I am so desperate to sleep, I am scared I will take too much of all my meds and then be very sorry (since I also have apnea, I worry I might be too sedated, but if I'm not, then I don't sleep...vicious cycle).

Thanks for responding and for the prayers! You're a doll!


PS I have Vicodin for BT pain, and am taking Zanaflex and Voltaren for my tendonitis.

Thanks for following up. I will ask about the Soma at my next appointment. The Zanaflex doesn't really seem to be any better than the Flexeril at this point.

Instead of my usual Xanax, I took a .5 mg Klonopin, as well as one of my Vicodin's last night (my arm was really hurting), and it only took me about an hour to fall asleep, which is a big improvement over the 5-6-7 hour stretches I've been enduring. I slept about 8 hours, too, which was really good. We'll see if I can get two good nights in a row--haven't had that in nearly a month.

Sleep hygiene--I know all too much about it. They say that if you haven't fallen sleep within an hour, you should get up and go somewhere else. My problem is that if I do that, there is zero chance that I will fall asleep, so I stay in bed and hope for the best. I also try to minimize daytime naps, but sometimes you just have to do it....and they usually don't impact my nighttime sleep unless I sleep for 5 hours or something excessive. But I have to do it in bed due to my need for my CPAP machine...I do agree, though, about getting the body back in the "habit" of a regular sleep cycle. Mine is totally out of whack right now.

Thanks again for your advice and concern....it means the world to me to have someone care!