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hi thanks for replying!:) yes its an epidural steroid injection
i've never taken a valuim but the xanax works like a major muscle relaxer , anti-anxiety (boy do i need that lol)i take it daily about 15 min before i take the vicodin it relaxes me and helps the vicodin really work to its fullest! my mom a cper her whole life taught me that it really works my dr. said it was a great idea. today the nurse told me to hang on to my own xanax and they would just use theres to hang on to mine i thought that was nice that nurse gets it cause i don't want my dr to think i'm miss useing it.i'm very careful and i keep a med chart also so that i don't get confused but it helps so i bring it with me to my app. my dr and i find it very helpful. sorry i'm rambling i do that when i'm scared!