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yes I do have back problems. I have degenerative disc disease and bulging discs and my spine has began to spur. I do have bruises but I have always bruised extremely easy. I have looked up all my meds and none of the meds say anything about leg pain as a s/e? I do have nerve damage and sometimes i even have trouble just lifting my legs. The pain that I descriped as bone pain is a different kind of pain and it started about 3 months ago, it feels as if some one has took an axe and is scrapping it all the way down my bones in my legs. If I have walked for a while it feels like my bones are splitting with each step I take. In 2005 I had 8 nerves in my back burned. I cant sleep at night because i cant lay on my sides due to it is now too painful and if i lay flat on my back it to is too painful? I hope this new information can help you give me some insight to my bone pain. I thank you for your time. There is no pus/drainage, it is mostly my lower legs but at times it is up in my hip area too. I am currently on Morphine 30mg BID and vicodin for break through pain and I take Lyrica 75mg TID