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I was originaly a member of the boards a year or so back maybe more but my computer crashed and i lost everything, that will teach me for not backing up my files.
anyway my name was clair that i originaly used but have had to change it to tinytears 12 to rejoin.
Ive been diagnosed with FD for five years now and my condition is worsening due to the location (pelvis) and the tumours have grown from two to one large and is now on the joint of my spine which is becoming extremely painful and very dibilitating. my spine is also curving so makes me wonder if i have it there too. i cannot walk unaided, my pelvis is becoming more fragile and it looks like i'm permenantly going to end up in my wheelchair.
I was under a "specialist" or so i thought until we my husband and i were advised that the specialist had never dealt with FD in the pelvis so for two years i have been left. Luckily we moved, though only six miles up the road and had to change doctors and am so pleased i did as they are now trying to find me a specialist but they are as rare as the FD itself in UK.

Is there anybody on the boards from the uk that can recommend a specialist But not Birmingham as this is were the so called specialist i went to see was based. His name Mr Grimer & a Mr Roger Tillman
hello to all other sufferers and specialy the ones who use to answer my queries i'm so sorry but all the painreleif i am now taking makes me extremely forgetful so i cant remember names or alot else for that instance.
Would be grateful for any replies from anyone especialy FD sufferers.

thanks. tinytears12.


I'm sorry to hear about the amount of pain you are in. Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions of Dr.s for you in the UK as I am in the US. I too, however, have FD in the pelvis. I was diagnosed 2 years ago and have been trying to do everything possible to avoid surgery, however, I unfortunately think that time is approaching. The only reason I am up right now is that I too am so uncomfortable I cannot sleep. I'm sitting here (after taking vicodin an hr or so ago) with a lidocane patch and ice pack on and am not finding much relief. Have you found anything that helps? Have you/ are you going to do surgery? I hope you've found a Dr. you can go to in the UK. If you find yourself in the northeast US I'd be happy to give you my Dr.'s name. Hope you feel better soon!