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im in the same situation,. everyone says that youre supposed to do a slow steady detox, but what happens when you have to pay over $600 all at once, and you can not do it becuase your 25 yrs old completely independent and have to many bills to pay to cover that, which is why i was going to try and detox myself using vicodin, or somethin. and I have tried the NA deal and it is good but, i live in a small community and i have a high profile job which i can not risk my secrecy. i dunno. im so confused, maybee i will just start taking pills save of enough money which will take about 3 weeks, then go to the doctor and try the very slow detox. but what happens when you have a bunch of pills that you know will make you high and your only supposed to take a quarter of one everyday.. (sarcasticly) yea, ok...ill make sure i do that!