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Good morning all! Well, last night consisted of about an hour's sleep to 3 hours awake, but that's a better average then I've gotten thus far. The brace is extremely uncomfortable but they assure me it will improve when they remove the staples. The only meds he's prescribing right now is Vicodin.

The good news is the surgeon found no herniated discs when he got in there (I thought I had blown a disc or two in the last couple of weeks before surgery) He did clean everything out around the nerves to make sure everything had plenty of room and pretty much confirmed my pain was all bone on bone - the L5/S1 disc had completely collapsed on one side and the L4/L5 was heading there. This is good news because it means I'll have less nerve damage to recover from - it was all referred inflammation. It's also good news because the surgery was the right answer - nothing else was going to fix this. Well, maybe disc replacement but as I mentioned on another thread I've heard of some problems with whatever's been approved for use in the US.

I will shortly be receiving my first visit from home nursing, at which point I will try to convince her I desperately need a hospital bed. My bed is very high, which makes it easy to get out of, but it's very high which makes it hard to get into. I also find I just can not get into any position on my back that is comfortable - I need the flexibility of raising the back and knees to find any relief, and as much as I have tried everything this is just not working. Well, if crying from pain was good for clearing my lungs it would be good I guess.