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I am a 47 year old male, non-smoker, vegetarian, in good shape.

About 6 weeks ago I began having mild chest pains that began at my sternum and went into my back. The pain increased until about 3 weeks ago I had to go the the ER. They did a stress test, took scans of my heart, ekg., etc and ruled out cardiac problems. ER Doc suspected GERD and prescribed NEXIUM and recommended an endoscopy.

Went to my Doctor, he agreed and also ordered an ultrasound. Ultrasound was normal. Went to a GI Doctor and he ordered a spinal X-Ray and performed the endoscopy. All normal, no sign of GERD. Went back to my Doc and he ordered a CT scan. This is also normal. Bloodwork was normal. In short, everything appeared normal..EXCEPT THE PAIN CONTINUES and is getting worse.

I am now scheduled for an MRI. My question is...has anyone else experienced any of this? I am beginning to lose my mind due to the pain. Vicodin used to give some relief, but now doesn't.
Thanks for the reply. I failed to mention that I did have a PH probe inserted and it came back normal. This early am I went (actually my wife forced me) to the emergency room because of the pain. They did a CT scan for possible blood clot, negative. They performed a HIDA test and gallbladder functioning normally. Tomorrow is an MRI. They gave me some strong pain relief while in the ER (nice to be out of pain if only for a little while) then sent me home with stronger Vicodin and something to help me sleep. The search continues I guess...I was just wondering if anyone had anything similar and if they were able to find the cause and cure.