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Why won't anyone respond to the thread I posted yesterday? I really need help and some answers. Is it because it was too long? It's weird how you sort of feel rejected when no one answers your posts. Here I am being ignored by total strangers and yet it bothers me, go figure? I'm just looking for some support and I was hoping I could find it here.

I'm sorry, I can sum it up again quickly. I'm taking about 20-25 pills a day. They are 325mg hydrocodone pills. (Vicodin 7.5/325) I need to start weaning myself down but I'm afraid to.

I've been addicted on and off for years and this time I've only been taking them for about two-three weeks. My question is do you think it will be easier to get off them since I haven't been taking them very long this time? Or will it be the same as it would if I had been taking them for a long time since I'm taking so much?