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Where do i start ??? I do not want to make this a book so i will try my best to sum up the jest of things. I REALLY REALLY need some input here !!!
I just found out my boyfriend has been shooting ms contin and diluda !! I knew that he took pills but not to what extent until now.I thought i could help him get off this but he has done nothing but lie to me.
I am on ms contin and vicodin due to my health issues and i tryed to help him wean off the meds but he has lied over and over.

I myself am wanting to stop all my meds because i no i have issues and feel trapped by living out of a pill bottle. I do not take the ms contin unless i am in so much pain an feel i am going to die,BUT !!! I no i am taking way to much vicodin (atleast 15 a day) And i need to stop. I do not take my meds as i am suppose to because i was afraid i would abuse the ms contin an now i abuse the vicodin instead. I NEED HELP !!!
I do not no what to do because i want to help myself i no i am on a very bad path.In light of my boyfriends problem and lack of any self control i do not no how to help myself let alone him. Sometimes wonder if he pegged me out for my prescriptions !!! Can i help him and myself or do i only worry about myself?
Please anyones feed back will be a start !!!!