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Good Morning all, Thank you for the help Friend999 an Phoenix !!!

What a rough couple nights.I decided to get real an i do mean real with my self. I did send the boyfriend back home and he feels he can beat his habbit on his own at home.He has a very long road ahead of himself because he has done the shooting thing for many many years.He has done everything from try to guilt me into being there to scareing the heck out of me.I tryed for 2 weeks to help but this is way out of my league.I truely feel awful for walking away like this but i still have a 15 year old at home an this is crazy even for me.:confused:
I am a wreck because i see my pain doctor friday an i feel the best place to start for myself will be to talk to him about my problem.I am going to have to have surgery soon an i feel like i am running in circles. I know all the vicodin i take a day is not healthy. I do have neck and back injuries but i no longer am sure if the vicodin is for pain or mental:jester: I really feel very mental right now. LOL
I really want to stop all meds and see where i am from there.I have wasted to many years liven out of a pill bottle.10 years of my life gone !!! I have no support where i live so i am sure to beg help from all of you. I am scared to death about telling my doctor the truth. How will he look at me !!! I would like to start the taper method i have been reading alot about it.

PLEASE, any feed back welcome, I am scared to death the closer friday comes with doctor !!!
I just read your first post and now I see how similar we are! We both take in excess of 15 pills of vicodin a day and we both have severe pain issues. I am about to have my entire colon removed in a few weeks and I'm so afraid that I will get off the meds just in time to get addicted, or worse, I will be so used to the meds that they won't help my pain. Do you think that's possible? Anyway, I just want you to know you are not alone. As for your boyfried, I think you did the right thing. It sounds like you are in over your head with him. You need to worry about yourself first before you can help him, but that's just my opinion. I'm glad you are doing this, maybe we can help each other. How is it going so far, have you started to taper? My next dose in about an hour is going to be my first taper. You with me??