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Thanks Mecan. I can't take time off work though because I just started this job in May and I have to have surgery in a few weeks and I have no idea how long I will be out on with that.

I don't want to tell my husband because I don't want to disappoint him. I will just tell him I have the flu or something. He is the most forgiving man I know but it will hurt him so bad and he will never trust me again. I can't do that to him, the hurt part that is. It's best if I do this myself and don't tell him. I can't imagine telling him I took 240 pills in 2 weeks behind his back without even telling him I had the script. When I came out of the pain dr. appt he asked me if they gave me anything and I lied. I told them only half the truth. They gave me neurontin and a muscle relaxer, and they also gave me the vicodin. I told him about everything but the vicodin. Now to tell him I lied and took all the pills he would be devastated. Telling him would do nothing but hurt him and ease my conscience. I've always read about and heard about people who have affairs and then come clean and tell the spouse. I think that's a bad idea too, it does nothing but cause pain to the spouse and help the cheater feel better. I think this is the same thing. It's best to keep my mouth shut. I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

My hands are starting to tingle, is this the beginning or am I being paranoid? The bad thing is my back is killing me. Until my real endorphins kick in I'm going to be in agony with my back.

Thanks again Mecan.