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Ok, this post hit me also. I've been in chronic stage for 3 years, so guess I'm newbie. I'm with the rest of them- you can't let it rule. Sadly, that's the demon of pain meds- they quit working when tolerance develops, and relief is shorter and shorter. I'm on 75-100 mcg patch, hydrocodone for breaktrough. Started on Vicodin first, then patch (although it's a pain in itself), now Vicodin for breakthrough (the patch saved me). Only problem; I'm so tolerant to the vicodin, it's comparable to drinking a glass of water. Went up to percocet #10 for breakthrough, but again- tired of chasing pills AND DID NOT WANT THE PERCOCETS to quit working, and they put me off a bit. My Dr. and myself (I love her), determined a ROTATION of various drugs to keep my head clear and still function. So now, the vicodin for 2 weeks, then percocets for 2 weeks- so far, so good. Same with the patch; 75mcg for one month, then 120 Mg Avinza for the second month (they are all different compounds, but still poppy derivitives)- it's working. They do make Avinza in a 30mg (way more mild than the percs, just continuous for 24 hours) capsule, which doesn't mess you up, yet provides continuous release. Honestly, it takes 10 times more if you allow the pain to "getcha frettin"- which is almost tears for me. So this way, I have 2 good weeks and 2 not so good weeks, which is better than nothing. Take the perc when you feel the first twinge, or even if you think you will get into a situation (the trip to your sisters). And yes, when it gets that bad, it affects every portion of your life, family, and responsibilities (and face it, nobody needs a dose of guilt on top of managing pain). ;)