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Dear Countrywife,

I have been in 12 step programs for years and have heard so, so many stories of people slipping on pills and getting up to 40 + Vicodin a day. I myself slipped on Vicodin and used Tramadol to get off the Vic. Now I can't get off the damn Tramadol and have found an addiciton doctor to help. Listen to ensmom. I think she has alot to tell you and all of us. I really wish and hope that you are able to get into a rehab. This sounds like a big problem to handle on your own. However, I know that lots of us have no insurance and no way to pay for a program. If that is your case then I strongly suggest looking up Narcotics Anonymous and getting to a meeting as soon as you can. Those folks also have alot of wisdom, knowledge and recovery. Best of luck to you. Remember, we have a disease or a condition if you will that makes us very prone to becoming addicted to mood altering drugs such as alcohol or opiates. You are not wrong or bad, you are just an addict. There is help for you - just reach out your hand. Best of luck to you on your journey to recovery.