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I have never admitted this to anyone. Like any addict, I have my secrets, and to avoid being confronted, I keep my secrets locked up. I started taking Vicodin about 3 years ago (maybe even 4, really never put an X on the day you know?). I originally was prescribed the medication from a doctor that I was reffered to. Originally 5/500. At first I didn't take the pills incorrectly, just truly enjoyed the high. A few months into the prescription and I KNEW I was addicted. In my mind, I was finding excuses to get more of it.

As it stands now, 3 or 4 years later. I have been taking Lortabs (10/500) usually 2 at a time, 3 times a day. I have known for about a year now that I need to get off the pills. My father was extremely addicted to pain medication and overdosed 2 years ago. I have no excuses anymore!

So..... When it came down to the last 10 Lortabs in the bottle, I broke them in half and tapered myself off. I thought I was doing well, I actually got through the day without them and would take the 1/2 of a pill in the evening to keep the leg pain from coming. After the last 1/2 of pill was gone I thought I could get through it by taking an anti-inflammatory.


Last night was my first REAL night of withdrawal. I fell asleep fine but within a couple hours I was AWAKE. My legs feel restless, my bones ache, my back is sore (bone pain im sure). But the biggest issue is INSOMNIA. I just can't sleep. Up, Down, Up, Down.... all night.

Tonight is night 2. I took a light sleeping aid to hopefully get me through the night. NOT. All it did was help me get through 1/2 the night. I was up at 3:30am and haven't been able to go back to sleep.

This is probably my 4th time that I've withdrawn and for some crazy reason, I've been able to get another prescription. I'm not exactly sure yet if I will continue withdrawals, or try to get another script. I am feeling like if I am on Day 2, the worst is almost over. I am not a good wife, mother, employee, friend, or friend to myself on Prescription Pain Pills. I want a better life for myself and my family.

I feel blessed that I found these boards. I never realized how many other people have this exact same issue. I never thought pain pills or any prescription medication could become as addicting as these. I am glad I have a place to go online, in the middle of the night.... to read and write.... Hopefully this will be a start for me. A better start.