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Yes, I think you'll like Dr. Kozin -- His nurse is very nice too. Actually, they're all very nice and very experienced with RSD. I thank God that he's here in San Diego to treat those of us with RSD. My meds are Lyrica 750 daily, and Cymbalta 120 daily with an occasional Vicodin. However, since school got out, I'm not takin Vicodin. It's unbelieavable to me the difference that working made, but I walked an awful lot. I couldn't even kneel down to be with the kids and that was hard. I never finished my credential, but came close. I'm an aide so get to "teach" children without the hassles of paperwork, grades, parents, curriculum requirements, etc etc but the down side is that I don't make a teacher's salary. My contract is 3 hours a day and I'm heading to a new school site -- Middle School. Sure hope it works! We really need my salary so not sure what would happen if my pain got to the point where I wasn't able to work. I'm told that it can sometimes be difficult to get SSD. I know it's a personal question, but may I ask if you're getting SSI disability? If so, was it difficult to get? You've had it 4 years so longer than me. My dx took place last year in September and sometimes I become very afraid of the future, but sometimes I try to live in the moment. Another personal question please -- Are you able to walk on your own?

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Take good care -- When is your appt with Dr. Kozin?