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Hi Everyone,

My name is Tina. And I've recently found out that I was addicted to Vicodin. I have Arnold Chiari Malformation, I broke my back in a horse riding accident, have diverticulitis, and I think I'm flirting with fibromyalgia. My neuro is very generous with drugs when you have a legit pain problem. I had the decompression surgery 10 years ago, but since then, my brain has settled even further down in my spinal canal, and my CSF isn't moving as well as it should. The brainstem compression makes me crazy with leg pain, nerve pain in my feet and headaches. 4 days ago I went back to the neuro for a check up, and he suggested giving Diamox a try and see if that can help with the pressure headaches by reducing the CSF production. The next day, I woke up for the 1st time in probably 6 months without a headache., so I decided no Vicodin today. For the past 2-3 months, I've taken 1 or 2 per day in the evenings after sitting at a desk for 10 hours per day. I never realized I could get addicted on that low of a dose, but now I realize it's more how long I've taken it rather than how much. The past 3 days have been bad. My entire body is just screaming in pain(all in the joint areas), my nose is running, and I'm just miserable. The 1st night I took a Valium to get through it, but then realized I didn't want to trade one addiction for another. How long should I be feeling like this? The only thing I'm so happy about, is that I haven't had 1 headache in 4 days. That is a miracle. I realize now that I was taking my Vicodin for other things than it was precribed for (still legit pain) but I don't want to do that anymore. I've taken 4 Advil today, and my thumbs still hurt so bad, that it's hard to type all this.

Sorry for the book. Thanks for any advice.

Thank you for all the replies!

I didn't make it through the weekend :( I fell some steps onto concrete. I'm a big girl, so it was a hard fall. My 1st reaction once my husband got the bleeding stopped was to go take a Vicodin. I knew I was going to start hurting, and didn't even think about how good I was. And then I kept taking them all weekend. I stopped taking them yesterday, so I guess today is day 1.

How do we get through this? What happens when something happens like this, or if we have to have surgery? I'm sure my elbow could have used about 3 stitches, but I didn't bother going to the hospital. If I did though, I'm sure I would have been prescribed something for the pain, and here we go again.