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First off let me tell you something - I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy but I already show some signs of improvment and have halved my dosage of Vocodin (it's now Day 5 post-op). The surgeon originally was going to do an L2-S1 (Lami/fusion) but ended up dong a lami and a L4-5 fusion only. He said however that he did do some "clean up work" on the two disks above.

Folks, the worst part about this procedure or similar back procedures, is the time in the hospital. I would describe the support I received from the nursing staff as minimalist at best - they wouldn't even help me position my blankets or help me with my meals or water jug both of which I couldn't reach, they let the IV drain-out, and the IV needle in my hand came out from twisting turning my sheets in a bloody mess. Some of these things fall under the "stuff happens" categorty but it is my opinion the post-op staff did what they had to do and nothing more. My surgeon on the other hand is excellent and he warned me beforehand of the service I could expect from the staff - one of the reasons he wanted me out of there asap and back at home under the care of the best nurse in the world, my wife.

The night of the operation I threw up quite a bit from the anestetia and was on serious pain IV pain med. I opted on the third day (I was in the hosp for 4 days total due to slow draining) to go with Vicodin because I have an enlarged prostate (I am 58) and the various Oxys further reduce the stream (for the guys out there). Vicodin seems to work best for me. But oh the constipation, yeah baby. Get ready for it - fiber, fiber and more fiber along with a stool softner.

For tight now, I am walking slowly around the house, eating the right food, drinking lots of liquids, and I am making progress. Tonight for the first time, my wife and I may even walk around the block. Yes, to wearing your back brace. The thing weighs a ton but offers a lot of security. Wear yours!
Kraigster, you sound like you're doing great! Tuesday will be 4 weeks post op L4-S1 fusion for me. Yup, I learned how important that fiber is, and because my dear hospital folks didn't let me have food until the evening of my 4th day I also wound up impacted. Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Also wound up with a bed sore from one particularly lazy nursing shift who refused to believe me when I told them something was hurting me. My hospital experience was, some nurses were fantastic and some nurses were lazy. All in all, they were great except for that one shift. My biggest complaint was the food argument. I was having nausea from taking all these meds on an empty stomach, which was making them worried I was going to vomit so they wouldn't give me food. It was a vicious circle until finally one nurse grabbed a sandwich off the food wagon and gave it to me. Voila, nausea gone!

Btw, I was in for 5 days. Felt like I was being sprung from jail by the time I got out.

I'm in a brace 24/7, doctor's orders. I am allowed to be out about 1 hour a day if I stay in one position in bed. As much as the brace is a pain, and as heavy as it is, you're right - it does offer security. I'm also, bit by bit, learning to adjust it on the fly. Tightest when I'm walking around, loosen it during and after meals to make room for the food, and play with it so it's comfortable during sleep.

Congrats on reducing the Vicodin! I'm just now starting to reduce mine a small amount, hoping to start cutting it in the half over the next week.
Perhaps I spoke too soon. Day 7 AM is not nearly as good as Day 6 PM. I hate to have to double up again on Vicodin - I reduced from 2 to 1 per dosage but may have to. I guess I am going to have my good days and bad days like a lot of folks. Today, I think I will even keep the brace on while I am resting in bed. Tossed and turned all last night and the Lunesta didn't help.
Kraigster, we're going to have good days and bad days, don't fret about it. I'm just starting to be able to reduce my Vicodin and that's only a small reduction, about 1/2 a pill, and only because I've added some nerve pain suppressors like Lyrica to my routine. If I sleep past a Vicodin dose time I consider that to be a major victory, because generally my body won't permit it.

You're doing extremely well considering you're less then a week out from surgery, far better then I did. Just remember, there are no awards being given for being in pain, and sleep is very important to your recovery.
Thanks guys (gals). My goal too is to sleep through a Vicodin dose. Sure as heck didn't make it last night but I only took one pill vs. two and no added anti-itch pill that in addtion to warding off the itching from the Vicodin helps me sleep. Vicodin seems to be the easiest on my innards (including prostate). Percoset really did a number on me at the hospital, ditto for the oxy this and thats. Pain reduction-wise, the others may be better, not sure but I am going to stick with Vicodin. Appreciate hearing from others on the effectiveness of Vicodin.

Wife and I just took a short walk around the neighborhood. Hot as the devil but it felt good to be out. I plan to walk everyday, increasing the time incrementally.

To all that are reading this read and have yet to have their surgery or have just undergone, hang in there. The odds are in your favor. But it's apparent from everything that everyone has said, you are going to have your up's and down's.

My post-op exam by the surgeon is on Wen.
It is now 11 days since I had my surgery. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said I am healing nicely. He encouraged me to be as active as possible (within reason) and not to be afraid to push the envelope occassionally. I am walking more each day, the pain has subsided somwhat in the lower back but I have considerable weakness in the legs. Also on a steady regiment of Vicodin. Doc says all is normal.

I refuse to just lie around so I have been busy at home doing fun stuff that I know won't hurt my back but the main thing is, I am mobile and I am not letting this thing get the best of me. In two weeks, I can stop wearing the brace and 4 weeks (best of all), I am allowed a good cigar.

So for those who look forward to a similiar procedure, be confident. You'll get through this and before you know it, you'll be able to get on with your life.
Yo Kraigster, good to hear from you!!! Yup, Vicodin is my friend :)

Sounds like you are coming along nicely. Congratulations!