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Today was day 6 and if you read my earlier thread you know I was so tempted today. Well, I did slip. I took 4 of my vicodin and you know what I discovered? I felt awful! They didn't do for me what I thought they would do.

Before I started detoxing at all and I was taking the pills all the time, I thought I had to take the pills to "feel" good and actually to feel anything really. Without them I just felt awful and I "needed" them to make me happy and feel normal.

I can honestly say that after taking those four pills today I felt like total crap!!! I felt tired, lethargice and like my head was in a very thick fog. I couldn't think straight and all the energy I had went away. I even got depressed, when I had been in a good mood before I took them. I didn't even have a real need to take them other than I wanted to and had a really bad craving. Now I'm glad I took them because after experiencing the "true" euphoric/energectic/happy feeling my own body produced without the pills, the pills just made me feel worse. I now know that is NOT the feeling I want to live with. Now that I made it through the hard part and discovered this new feeling I don't want to feel the way the pills made me feel today. I actually enjoyed the way I feel without them better.

Now, to the bonus part of all this. I don't know about you all out there, but when I was on the pills, my sex drive took a nose drive. Well, now that those vics are out of my system and even though I took 4 today (all at once,) when they wore off I was able to make love with my husband and actually enjoy it beyond belief! We have always had an amazing sex life but since I became addicted to these pills I had a very hard time getting the big "O" if you know what I mean! :o But not tonight!! I tell you what, I'M BACK!! and it is SO WORTH IT!! Just for that I won't take another pill. I had almost forgotten what those pills had cost me in that regard. Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm....can't take those any more, NO WAY!! I went from being sexually frustrated and having no orgasms back to having at least three or four each time. :D I'm sure my husband is grateful too! ;) Anyway, I just thought I'd share that little unexpected but oh so pleasant side effect of giving up the pills.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm so sorry I slipped but I am sort of glad I did because I learned from it that I don't like feeling that way and I enjoy feeling like the old me much better. I hope everyone isn't too disappointed in me.


P.S. I wouldn't recommend slipping on purpose just to try it out though. It's definitely not a game. I just slipped in a moment of weakness and happened to get lucky.