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I read your reply to another post about your DDD. I am also 34 and suffer from this. I've had 2 discectomies due to TWO large herniations at L5-S1. Disc is buldging again and I am told to be so careful. Last time it blew, I was in PT doing very light stretches. I am so afraid to do anything. If it herniates badly again, I will have no choice but to do a fusion. Like your Dr., I am being told I am way too young and need to wait at least 10 years or so.

You mentioned your addiction to vicodin. I am just curious about this. I am in so much pain every day and have been fighting my pain pills because I don't want to become addicted. I wait and wait until the pain is so bad then I take one and usually it's too late and the pain is horrendous for the rest of the day.

My PM doctor told me I need to take more and to take them before the pain gets too bad. So, now I've been taking them (2-3 day) regularly and what a difference. The pain is much more tolerable and I can actually go to the grocery store now with my two kids (ages 2 and 3)

My biggest fear is becoming addicted. My Pain Managent Dr and Neurosurgeon keep telling me as long as I take them just for pain managment then there is not a problem. I read on the pain management board that there is a difference between your body becoming Dependent and then there is Addiction. My question to you is this: At what point do you know you are becoming addicted and not just dependent?

Thanks so much!