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Hey Dove!

Glad to hear you are pain free. That is great news! I have a question for you now that you are healed. So before the surgery, when using the toilet, did your hemorrhoids bulge out? If so, do the bulge out now, or is it smooth down there (well besides the tags)? Yea from what I read quite a few people end up with the skin tags. The doctor can easily remove them though and the pain is nothing like a hemorrhoidectomy, but you will be somewhat sore for a week or so.

Well as for me, I had my doctor appointment canceled a few times here, but finally got in with my family doctor and had her look at me. She perscribed me some pills, can't remember the name off the top of my head, and some Vicodin and reffered me to a specialist. Sooo I am in the process of getting in with a specialist to take a look at me. The pain hasn't been so bad lately to be honest. Before on a scale of 1-10 I would have rated it a 7-8, but for the last two weeks it has been a 2 or 4. My family doctor said it is good it is not aggrivated, but that it won't stay this way for too long and that in my case it will most likely always come back full force.. Sooo right now I am enjoying what little pain I have hahaha. There is really no need for me to take Vicodin but apparently she thought that doing the rectal exam would cause severe pain so she perscribed it to me. It gave me pain, but not like I have experienced before so I think I will lay off the Vicodin and save it for the surgery just incase.

Well, g2g to the store here. Glad you are doing great and was good to hear from ya!!