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Hi all. My story goes like this. I got clean (off Ultram) back in 8/04 and did excellent. Was diagnosed wiith Bipolar Disorder, put on Seroquel, Lamictal, Topamax, Clonidine and Wellbutirin for that. Again, was traipsing along like a champ. Then in January of this year, a combination of two things happened. 1) I had some PAINFUL dental work done where I was offered an RX for Vicodin and I took it. And 2) I came down with the stomach flu, was given Phenergan tabs and told I had a more severe stomach prob and given Norco and Donnatal Syrup for that. So I have been on 4-5 Tabs of Norco a day in addition to my BP meds and taking this Donnatal elyxir regularly. At work I feel like a fraud. At home I feel like a fraud because of the Norco, even though it is for a "condition" it doesn't feel right, I feel like I should be stronger and not NEED them. Is this weird?

You have a great community here, very supportive and warm. You all are very lucky to have one another to lean on. Thanks, Badgirl1978