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I am better at some thigs before the surgery, and worse at others. I am still glad I had it done because I can walk now. I could not walk more than a couple blocks before. Not because of pain, but just literally I could not walk, my legs would buckle and just give out after a while.

I was on 15 mg MS Contin 4 pills a day, now I am on 5-6 pills a day. I was taking vicodin 5/325's about 2-6 a day, now I am taking 4-6.

The only thing I could do better before the surgery is sit in a reclining position for longer. I could not sit in a straight chair at all. Now I can sit in a straight chair about an hour or two, and a reclined chair it does not matter, still only about an hour or two.

It does not help to walk around for a few minutes in between, I am already doing that. After an hour or two it hurts and I have to take pain meds and lie flat for a few hours to feel ok again.

So most things are better.

I am discouraged because my dr is pressuring me to go back to work in a couple weeks, and I dont see how I am going to do that when I cant sit for long. He also wants me off the pain meds too. I feel like I can maybe go back to work OR go off the pain meds, but not both right now. I get my pain meds from a pain clinic, so its not up to him anyway, but still.

And I feel so weak from the diarrhea, I lost 10 pounds already since the surgery. Thats a half pound a day! I am fat, need to lose about 30 more, but this is not a healthy way. I still have fevers. Maybe that is from the lyme disease flaring up again, but I dont know it just feels like some kind of bug I caught in the hospital.

Maybe in a couple weeks I will be completely healed and ready to go back to work, so I guess I should wait and see. But I dont know what to tell the dr if I am not. And it will be a different doctor, my surgeon is going away a whole month and his partner is seeing me.

I feel like everyone on this board is saying it takes months to heal, not weeks. But the dr's are pressuring me, and I had so many complications as it is. I want to go back to work, I miss my job, but I am also scared of messing up my back permanently.

Why are the patients experiences so different from my dr's expectations?