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OK, I've had this thing real bad since last November. Very painful BM (feels like knives, razor blades, glass shards and hot lava coming out) and LOTS of blood (red, fresh). The pain was so bad I went to Patient 1st. They told me I had a fissure and gave me epifoam, hydrcortisone suppositories, told me to take metamucil, and vicodin for pain. I used all that stuff to the exact orders of the doc, and what I had read on the web. The suppositories did nothing, the epifoam did nothing, the fiber (along with lots of water) did loosen my stool. But, I still had excruciating BM with lots of blood. The only relief I had was the pain meds.

I've since been to my PCP, who just told me to keep up the fiber and creams. Didn't work. Saw a specialist, he gave me lidocaine cream and said keep up the fiber and stool softeners. Didn't work.

Today I'm seeing another specialist. The pain is unbearable and almost constant. The amount of blood is staggering. I haven't had a BM without pain or blood in 2 months!

I don't like taking narcotic pain meds unless really neccessary, but I'm at my breaking point. OTC pain meds do not work at all, might as well take a sugar pill.

In your experiences, do these specialists prescribe opiates for extremely painful fissures for temporary relief? I know they can cause constipation and hard stool, but in my few experiences, they didn't with me. It seems like that and a stool softener are all that are going to keep me sane until I can get this fixed.