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This is the deal. I got addicted to vicodin in 2002 and took it but never went over 4 regular strength a day (as if that is something to be proud of). Anyway I finally went to a sub doctor ad he gave me 2mg of subutex and I ended up going up to 8-12 mg a day for a long time (about 2 years) I have finally tapered way down to about 1 mg a day or less.

I really want to get off of this crap and am really disgusted with myself for letting this happen. I am pretty sure that I can taper to .50 mg a day or less eventually. I read somewhere that someone said that I will feel acute symptoms for about a year after i stop taking them no matter how much i taper down. AT this point i don't really care, i just want off of them. I feel terrible and depressed all the time. I get horrible anxiety attacks if i drink any amount of coffee. i just want off.

What can I expect and how much more should i taper down?