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Hi everyone. I posted about my problems 2 months ago but things have still been unfolding and continuing. Im hoping someone may know a great doctor or recognize something I or the doctors have not.

Symptoms follow:

SEVERE upper thoracic back pain, an inner burning pain worsened by walking or sitting up. (pain is only on the right side, no radiation to arms or legs)

spinal vertebrae right next to back pain are tender to the touch

MRI & CT showed: slight degenerative disc disease, schmoral nodes, some slight endplate changes, and a hemangioma on T3\T4 (which is coincidentally exactly where my pain is)

blood work has shown: positive ANA, very low b12 (level = 212), high iron binding capacity, low red blood cells, high MCV, high MCH, and high glucose.

I have tried Valtrex (first doc thought it was internal shingles), Flexeril, Lyrica (another doc thought post herpetic neuralgia bc I did have shingles 2 yrs ago) and many types of pain meds (percocet, ultracet, & vicodin). the pain meds usually upset my stomach bc I am so small.

I was told by a doc to go on a regiment of 2000mcg\day of B12, however I vomitted every single pill, and ended up losing 5 lbs in a week.

I also have high blood pressure, generally around 140\90, however I am only 23 years old and weigh 95 lbs.

I am in the philadelphia area, if anyone has any great Internal Medicine docs I think that is what I need next.