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For the past 12 days, I have been having lower back pain. The pain radiates down my legs and butt, and sometimes to the front of my abdomen. It came on suddenly one day while I was walking down the hall in my house. At that time, it came on suddenly and escalated to excrutiating pain in a matter of minutes. My legs and arms were tingling, and soon it was too painful to move (I was laying in my bed byt this time).

I can now walk around, but my back is stiff, after sitting for only a few minutes, upon standing. I was tested for a UTI 12 days ago; at that time, I was told I had some bacteria in my urine, but the doctor would only prescribe me vicodin for the pain (which didn't help). I have since been taking 1,000mg of Tylenol and trying to rest, applying heat and cold to the area, but the healing seems to have reached a plateau. Today, I'm having some very spotty bleeding (had period this month already), and still having back pain and stiffness. Sometimes the right side of my lower back seems swollen (where most of the pain occurs); others it's fine.

I'm thinking sciatica, UTI, or something else. Any opinions?