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Tramadol is addicting. I was given Tramadol after being released from the hospital for surgery and wasn't told it was addicting. Also you aren't supposed to use it for more than 3 weeks, and my doctor gave me an 8 week supply. I went cold turkey (unintentionally, because I ran out and didn't know it was addicting so I didn't taper) and went through WD. It was terrible!

So I would imagine if it were used to help get off Vicodin, then you'd have to go through the WD all over again with the Tramadol. Unless you are given and stick to a taper plan, but couldn't you do that with Vicodin? And save having to taper off 2 different drugs.

And I don't think using your pet's medication is such a hot idea. Not only was it prescribed to someone else, it was prescribed to an ANIMAL!