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I had something similar during my last pregnancy. I was taking vicodin due to a back/hip problem and stopped taking it during the first trimester and continued it up until the day before I had the baby. I was taking about 6 a day throughout. I also had a surgery while PG and was on a morphine drip, dulaudid and percocet.

From the research I did, the chances of withdrawals in the baby is if you take the meds close to delivery time. What your OB may have you do is lower your dose the closer you get to delivery time. Also, since your OB is aware of your medication use, there will be precautions made during your delivery, just in case baby is withdrawing. My experience is that I had NO problems at all with baby. She was completely healthy at birth and to date has no problems.

Congragts on your upcoming little ones appearance and hopefully your pain stops after you deliver.
Wanted to add that if you nurse your baby the amount of meds are actually *weaned* out of her system as you go through the nursing process. Less med's secrete from breastmilk than through the placenta. So say you nurse for 6 months, as you wean your little one off breast milk, any amount of the meds that is in her system also weans out.

I went through my pregnancy on Vicodin 3x's a day + before I knew I was preggo, was on Dilaudid. I have extreme back issues (being pregnant and that weight didn't help). DD was born 4 weeks early, not due to the meds, I have high risk pregnancies. She had no ill effects from my meds. I'm still nursing her at 19 mo, but only a couple times though the day.

Please don't stop your meds, I was like you, could not function without them.

Good luck - you'll do great and CONGRATS!!!!!!!