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What kind of doc / tests did your diagnosis? I NEED to find out what is wrong with me. I have taken Vicodin 750 6-8 pills a day sometimes even more, Soma 350mg 6 or so a day, I have taken percaset, BAD headaches with that, now I am on Norco. NOTHING takes the pain away.
HURTING BAD ALL THE TIME. Just feel like crawling in a cave. Can't sleep but a few hours at a time.

I'm sorry you are going through so much pain. As we all know, it can cause anxiety, depression and all other sorts of issues, on top of the pain itself.

I am very concerned about REMOVED the amount of Soma you are taking each day. I have taken Soma for 8 years and I am still on the same 350mg 3x/day dose because it is the max allowed safely by the manufacturer. My doc supplements the Soma with a secondary muscle relaxer, such as flexaril or zanaflex, because the Soma is the one that works best for me, but over time, tolerance can become an issue. Soma is also a bit different from all other MR's because it has addictive properties.

All of the opiate/opioid meds you have mentioned are short acting (SA) medications. Have you ever discussed a long-acting (LA)med such as Oxycontin, MSContin, Fentanyl patches, etc. with your doc. When pain is chronic, LA meds are usually a much better way of keeping a consistant blood plasma level in your system, so that you don't have the constant ups and downs of chasing your pain all day. Then a SA med, such as vicodin and norco are prescribed in smaller doses a day for any breakthrough pain. Your muscle relaxer would probably be more effective at the correct dosage as well.

I am really concerned about the amount of Soma you are taking. I hope you can find a doc who is more knowledgeable about pain management. I see a physiatrist. This is an MD who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They are specially trained to diagnose and treat pain. Maybe you could check in your area and see if there are any listed. They would probably be under the heading of Pain Management.

Please take care and I wish you the very best of luck. CMP/MM