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I've had on and off sciatic pain since 2004 along with two discectomies. However the past few months have been the worst. I am told I have nerve damage and their is no compression that can be seen on the MRI's. From a surgical standpoint, there is nothing else to be done at this point, so off I am sent to the Pain Managment doctor.

He has been pretty good. I've had a couple steroid injections that do help wonderfully, but wear off only after a few weeks. So, now I am on vicodin and neurontin. But I was thinking the other day, I wonder if a muscle relaxor would help too. When I sit for any longer than a few minutes, I get this horrible spasm down my leg. It tightens all up and HURTS. My pain level in the beginning of the day is bearable. But my noontime, my sciatic pain is enough for pain medication.

Do you think a muscle relaxor would be beneficial to me?