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I saw my doctor today and ask to start on a long-acting drug. Up until now I have only had Vicodin and Tramadol, both of which only last a few hours. My doctor prescribed Kadian (30mg). I told her I didn't think my insurance would cover it, so she also gave me a prescription for MS contin just in case. Well, my insurance does not cover Kadian, but I decided to spring for it anyway. My doc gave me a coupon for $50 off the drug each month for 12 months. The total cost to me was just under $100. I decided to pay it because I have lived with unmanaged pain for too long, and wanted to at least see if it worked.

My question is this: How does MS contin compare to Kadian? It would save me $100 a month, but I am worried that it will not work as well. My doctor said it might not last as long, but is essentially the same drug. I really don't know much about morphine at all, so I don't know what to expect. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.