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Hey Brian, I have been taking Oxycontin for about 7 years, give or take, and I started out at:

20mg 2x/day. But I had 5mg Vicodin up to 4x/day along with it. This worked pretty well for about 2 years.

Then my doc and I agreed it was not a 12 hr med. (he was getting the same feedback from a lot of his patients) So I went to 20mg 3x/day and he upped my vicodin to 7.5's up to 4x/day.

The next jump was just the vicodin (still 7.5) to up to 6x/day and this was good till about 6 months ago.

Finally in June of this year, we decided to try changing the oxy to 30, 20, 30 and he switched me to Norco 10mg up to 6x/day. This has been the most dramatic change since beginning the oxy and I have only been using the Norco 3x/day, 5 out of 7 days and 4x/day, on the weekends. (because I am more active on weekends)

For me, the dose that up to now, worked the best and the longest period of time, was the 20mg 3x/day with anywhere up to 6x/day of the 7.5 vicodin. I'm hoping this new increase will give me the same or better longevity.

Hope this helps. Hugs, CMP/MM