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Hi Monkey! Yup, those were a lot of the symptoms from my SI Joint arthritis, although many of my symptoms were also from my back problems. I do hope you find a doctor who can help you deal with the pain from it. The bad news is, doctor stopped the Celebrex for now. It will interfere with fusion, so I'm off it until we see a good fusion in place. Unfortunately, this will interfere with my plans to continue to reduce the Vicodin. Oh well, I'll get through this.

Leslie, I am SO happy you're feeling so well! Incredible, isn't it? It's such a relief to find the right thing at the right time, and the right doctor.
Paula, boy can i relate, i was hopeing the Lyrica would work as well so i could get off the Vicodin, but i have been slowing down, because i started the increased dose and it really seems to relax me although i seem to feel very sweaty from this, in the middle of making sure my thyroid labs are right as well! When the kids go back to school this week i am really going to try and walk some or more i should say and do a few other things to see how i do. I truly think what happens in my case is that if i bend just right i am screwed like it jars it or something and then if the other defect is acting up it's a double whammy. Thats the only thing i can make heads or tails of this. Also they said i didn't have any arthritis but who knows i have only gotten worse since my falls and no tests since then wich has been about a year or so i'm sure i could have because isn't that what can cause the arthritis? I mean thats what i though, injuries, ect. I have had a pretty good holiday weekend, kids slept out in the tent(not for my back anymore ugh) I am thinking when i tell my dr. next week about the Lyrica whatnots she might try to switch my to the Cymbalta. I hate trying all these different meds it's makes me:dizzy:
I hope you had a great holiday as well!
Take care, Melissa