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I'm a relative newby and have been reading many of the posts here. I have to say that I REALLY can relate to the both of you specifically. Short history- Had many levels fused with instrumentation Oct.'07. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this summer. Having a hard time accepting the latter diagnosis. To the point, I am on Vicodin 10 5 times a day and it offers little if any relief. I too have been thru many if not all that pain management offers. I feel that I need something stronger for the pain, so that I can @ least function as a human being. Taking a shower raises my pain level to a 9. I am totally homebound. The stress this puts on my family is just incredible. I will keep reading the message boards, because I too don't know how to say that this pain is unbearable everyday, and I need something stronger. I already feel as though they think I am drug seeking. My PM nurse cannot order anything stronger than Vicodin. Anyone know of any better PM clinics in the Cleveland,Ohio area? Also, maybe I should have started a new thread but I don't know how to do that now:confused:..sorry....still in pain, janie:(
Oh, Kissa! Thank you sooooo much for this Godsend bit of info!! I live on the far west side of Cleveland, so Parma wouldn't be that far. I too have tried many PM clinics in Cuyahoga and Lorain County, but have never been happy with my doctors and their choices of treatment for me. I hope this works for me. It certainly is worth a try. The pain I have had all summer is excruciating. The Vicodin covers it some, for about an hour or two, then I'm downhill from there. Something long-acting does make more sense to me-as many of you have written. Thanks again, Kissa and thanks to all who have responded and who have prayed for me. You guys are just great!! Hope all of you have a pain-free day (or close to it). I will keep all of you in my prayers!!:angel:.....Janiee