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Hi Ehlo, What Zfennel said is correct. With a long acting or time-released med like Methadone, it can sometimes take a couple of weeks to build up a consistant blood plasma level. (BPL) There are some docs who will give you a short acting med, such as vicodin or percocet while the new med builds up. Your doc may have thought that you didn't need this. But it does sound like the symptoms you are having might be mild to moderate withdrawl.

If it were me, I would call the doc and let him/her know what you are experiencing, or maybe see if you can get in to see him/her soon to discuss it face to face. Everyone reacts differently to different meds and it might be that your dose is too low, or you could need the short acting med in the interim.

Best of luck. Please let us know how it goes. CMP/MM