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I do feel better this morning. I took a leftover vicodin pill from a dental procedure that I had. I was actually in that much pain! Yes, I thought that it was way too quick for me to pick up virus from drs. office. And, I have no other GI symptoms. I have had a bowel movement a few days ago, so I didn't hink that was the case, but maybe it is. So, I took some Miralax and will take it every night for awhile. And, I know that the worst thing for constipation is pain medicine! But, I am going to have some blood work done today. I have standing orders, and if my white count is elevated will take it from there. Perhaps, my problem is just backed up stool. I did have a good movement a few days ago. However, I am not regular at all. So, I just may need to be cleaned out. The pain was too low to be gallbladder. Oh well, like I said my blood work wll indicate anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for reply.;)