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I am thinking about having radiofrequency rhizotomy in my lumbar facets. (for sure L4-5 and L5-S1). I had this in my neck at C5-C7 and then ended up having a fusion later. It helped a little, (the RF)but I also had severe disk disease and this rhizotomy stuff is for arthritis. My lumbar pain is mostly from arthritis. There is some stenosis, but not enough for surgery. I have a limp and it really is limiting my life now with standing and walking. I HAVE to get back to work as an elem. substitute SOON. The spinal guy recommends PT (forget it...been there..done that from April till July. Unfortunately she focused more on the SI Joint than the facet joints. I never did much core strengenthing because of the pain. I am kind of in a time crunch because A) I have to get back to work and B) my insurance will pay 100% of ANY procedure until Jan. 1 because I met my OUT OF POCKET MAXIMUM for this yr. My PT was for the SI Joint and not my lumbar facets. (OY). Now I feel like I wasted 3 months because the whole time I was in too much pain to do the exercises. But I also dont have the luxury of wasting my time with PT right now. I have to get better sooner rather than later.You know how it goes.....Aug. goes into Sept. Sept. goes in Oct..... Plus I need time to recuperate from a rhizotomy. I dont see my physiatrist till next Friday and I know him. He will agree with the spinal guy and set me up for that diagnostic nerve block first I laready had facet injections that only worked for 5 days AND epidurals) and then I guess the rhizotomy. For those of you that had a RF RHIZOTOMY OR ABLATION did it help you stand and walk better????????????? God, I would be so happy if I got improvement. Celebrex helps, somewhat...but not enough. I end up having to take Vicodin by the end of the day because its such a killer.