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Last Wednesday I had a Ganglion Cyst removed from my right wrist with a complete extraction of the cyst under general anesthesia. It was very large, I had it for at least a month and a half before it was considered serious by the doctors, and it was within the wrist joint. Also, a leg extended out of the cyst, shot halfway up my arm, and attached itself to my arm bone. The recovery could be better, although I suppose it could be worse. I have Vicodin, as well as an antihistamine, that the doctors say is supposed to boost the power of the Vicodin. Personally I only get about 5% relief from the pain relievers. They put me in a full arm, cotton cast, with a hard plaster top, wrapped in an ACE bandage. Since I began swelling, and I didn't have any more room in the cast to swell, plus the cast was rubbing against the incision, I took off the plaster part of it, snipped off about 1/4 of the cotton on the opposite end of my wrist, loosened some of the fibers, and re-wrapped it in the ACE bandage.

Now the doctors told me the following things over the past 3 days: The incision needs to be checked 3 days after the procedure for infection. The cast will be on for 2 weeks. The cast may be completely removed. Do not disturb the incision.

My questions are:
How safe is it to expose the incision?
How long would you expect me to be in this cast?
How great are the risks of infection?
What is that red liquid they gave me, that made me so hammered that I was seeing double??