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[QUOTE=wldfowlr;3698543]...acetamiophen and aspirin seem to be a common "filler",...

I have to disagree.

Acetaminophen and aspirin are analgesics in their own right, whose proven effectiveness fills volumes of journals and clinical trial records. There's also plenty of evidence that both drugs add synergistically to the analgesic potency of the other pain killers with which they may be mixed.

But everyone's mileage will vary depending on type of pain, type of meds used previously, and how long one has been on particular meds, like opioids for instance. Many long-term CPers that have been on single-entity (no tylenol or aspirin) opioids for some time find little use for the mixed-meds. But for opioid naive patients, the added tylenol/aspirin adds to the overall potency of opioids.

I remember a year ago having some painful dental work done. I wasn't about to use my PM meds for that, but I needed something. The dentist prescribed vicodin, which for me is a drop in the bucket these days, and it was of little help. But, surprisingly I found aspirin and ibuprofen to be very effective when taken in large enough doses (as prescribed).

The original inventor and manufacturer of Excedrin rightfully made a bundle of money off this product. For many of us with migraines, it was our lifesaver out of miserable pain and seclusion, simply by adding caffeine to acetaminophen and aspirin. The synergy is still hard to beat, even amongst many opioids.