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Hi All,

I just wanted to tell you all something. My PM doc said today that clinical trials start next month on a new pain med.....Vicodin ER (extended release). Hopefully, it will move quickly through all the trials and hit the market in the near future.

Just thought I would share that little tid bit of info. Vicodin helps so many people as a b/t med, so, if/when the Vicodin ER hits the market, this could help so many people that are in pain and undermedicated. Maybe the docs will not be so opioid phobic with it, as compared to the more potent ER meds.

Shay :angel:
Hey CMP & Ex,

I was thinking the same thing about using the Vicodin ER as a "starter med" when patients first enter PM. As for me and other cp patients that have been in pain for years, I don't think the Vicodin ER would help that much, but you never know. If I were to take just a plain old 10mg Vicodin, well, it might as well be a placebo.

I'm pretty sure if it hits the market, it would be classed as a C11. Compounded hydrocodone is a C11, (at least where I live, so I guess it is everywhere else, too) due to the lack of Tylenol and the mg dosage per pill. I'm not 100% positive, but I think the ER version would also be classed as a C11.

Like Ex said, it would be another weapon to help fight the war on chronic pain. Talk to ya later.

Shay :angel:
Vicodin is not a new drug is it acetaminophen(tylenol) and
hydrocodone. It has been on the market for years. The Extended release part of it may be new but it is still the same old drug.
I'm not talking about Vicodin 5mg, 7.5mg, or 10mg (hydrocodone + Tylenol), or even compounded hydrocodone. I'm talking about a new LA (long acting) Vicodin ER version. There has never been an extended release Vicodin on the market. So, yes, this would be a new med (eventhough the active drug is old) if it completes all the clinical trials.

Shay :angel: