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Hello Everyone,

Just happened along this board today, read some threads for a few hours, and decided I should join. Seems like a great community forum here, lots of good people helping each other. I'm hoping that some of you can help me with some advice.

I have been having chronic pain issues since February 4th of this year. I was boadsided in my car by an idiot on her cell phone, didn't even think about stopping for her red light. I was damn lucky in that I was still walking, and nothing major was broken. I was pretty banged up though, have a good case of whiplash, and numerous lacerations, etc.

Since, I have had progressively worsening pain, mostly in my left shoulder and upper back. My primary care doctor, who I like for a lot of reasons, initially gave me Naproxen, Flexiril, and Vicodin. We did x-rays, which came back showing nothing.

The Naproxen was useless, the flexeril works OK, but puts me to sleep fast, and the Vicodin helps the most. The problem is that she is unwilling to give me more than 20 at a time, roughly once every 3-4 weeks that I was going to see her. I've also realized that 1 5mg hydrocodone does very little for me, so I would take two at a time when I really needed it, usually later in the day after work. Problem is that I could use it a lot more often than that. I don't want to take more than necessary, as I don't like how it makes me drowsy, but it's not that bad either, and the relief that I get from it far outweighs the side effects.

Finally in June, I told her that what I was taking simply wasn't controlling my pain. I asked if she could switch me to Percocet because they are a little stronger, and they don't upset my stomach as much. At that point, she first said no, then started asking questions about how I know all this, and then said no again. She inadvertantly made me feel like a drug seeker, and this was confirmed for me when I left with a script for only 10 pills. She then said that she has done all she can for my pain issues, and that I should see an ortho and a PM doc, and sent me for an MRI.

I went to the PM doc a week ago, and he seemed to want to hear what I had to say, for a little while at least. We talked about the types of pain I was experiencing, did an exam of my back and shoulders, went through the MRI report (which also showed nothing conclusive). His diagnosis based on the quick exam and our conversation, was MFPS, or myofacial pain syndrome. I had no idea what that meant, figured I would research it online, which I did. We discussed treatment, and he suggested that we could try trigger point injections, which I told him that I was open to discussion on, but reluctant, as I had a very bad reaction to one about 10 years ago in my knee. Also said PT would help, so I plan on starting that this week. And then, he said he wanted to try some different pain medication called Ultram. He said it works well for this type of pain, so I said good let's try it. He also gave me a pain patch, called

After getting home and researching online to figure out what the doc thought was wrong with my, and what he gave me for treatment, I don't think he's on the right track. According to my research, MFPS is primarily a muscular type of pain, caused or resulting in multiple trigger points. He was able to find one trigger point on my back. But I also think that my actual shoulder (not a doc, don't know the terminology here!) is also causing me pain. The Ultram that he gave me also is supposedly primarily for muscular pain. Now this medication does help a little, I do notice a positive result. However, it is far from really controlling the pain. I've been on 4 different medications for this problem, and only 1 really worked well, the hydrocodone.

Now, I'm not sure what to do. I'm going back to the PM doc in about 4 weeks, so until then I obviously will use what he gave me, and give it an honest try. Maybe it will end up working well, as I do have both the extended and immediate release Ultram, so maybe I have to build it up in my system. But after being on it for a week and seeing the initial results, I think there's a good chance that this medication just won't cut it. I do like that it doesn't make me tired during the day at all, but at the same time, I haven't really slept a full night's sleep in a week either!

I am a very upfront person, and I am usually very blunt and speak my mind on things. I am very concerned though about saying the wrong things to this PM doc, because of what happened with my primary doctor. I'd like to be able to tell him what works and what doesn't work for me, convey clearly how much and what kind of pain I am in, and do it without him thinking that I am either exaggerating or drug-seeking.

If any of you have experienced something similar in the past, or have any advice on any of this, it would be greatly appreciated. I hope that some PT and medication will make it so that I can live my life without thinking about pain constantly, and eventually get better altogether.

Oh, thanks for listening to this unusually long rant of mine!