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What a wonderful concept - no more pain.

And what a wonderful problem to solve.

If something happens to bring your pain to a tolerable level, and you no longer require around-the-clock opioids, then you simply taper off of them.

In your case, I would expect that would start with a move to a 12.5mcg/hour patch. Leaving the BT med alone. Then, a switch to something less potent, say morphine. You could be put on 10mg short acting morphine every 6 hours, for a few days (dropping your BT requirements in kind), then every 8 hours for a few days, then twice a day for a few days, then 5mg twice per day for a week or so, then to maybe Vicodin 5/500 every 6 hours for a week (at this point discontinue all BT meds), then as needed until you can stop. I've done this fairly casually as I'm strapped for time, but something close to this would work. If your doc will allow, try to stretch out the time frames longer, as the longer you taper the less discomfort you'll experience.