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Has anyone had trouble falling asleep after taking Vicodin? I always thought you were supposed to "crash" after taking it?

Some meds have what they call a "paradoxical effect", or the opposite effect on people. This is the logic of giving ADHD patients amphetamines. The medical community isn't quite sure why this happens, but it does.

In your case, Vicodin has an energizing effect whereas in others, it's a sedative.


Hi supermom,
I've taken Vicodin (hydrocodone) for several years, for breakthrough pain. It tends to have the same effect on me. I don't get "wired" or feel euphoric, but it will keep me awake a bit if I take it too close to bedtime.

Do you usually take it right before going to bed? If so, you may want to take it earlier in the evening. Hope this helps, CMP/MM