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Hey all,

I finally went to see my doc and told him that I think I've built up a tolerance to the vicodin I've been taking for my endometriosis pain for a couple of years. The amount of pills I need to control my pain has increased to almost double what I was taking in the beginning. I know that's somewhat to be expected, and he has approved all my refills regardless of when I last filled them. I'm so glad to have a a doc who isn't completely paranoid for a change!
He suggested I try percocet and it's been working a little better for me, I'm still in some pain, but the level has been reduced somewhat...so here's my question;
I've always just called in my refills to the pharmacy using the automated system, but with percocet isn't it more complicated than that? Doesn't the authorization need to be mailed or hand-delivered or something instead of being electronically authorized by my doc? I should have asked him about it, but he was in such a hurry, running behind on his schedule, so I really didn't get a chance to.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post, any responses are appreciated!