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I have been dabbling off and on w/vicodin and soma for the past few years. I had back surgery and was addicted. I went through the w/d and stopped for a couple of years, but recently started taking them again. I am afraid I am addicted again and I need help. I recently went through a divorce and starting taking them again I also started drinking and smoking pot. I never thought I would be in this position. No one knows about my addiction. I am afraid to say anything so I came to these boards to help me. I have accepted the fact that the pills help me get through the day. I take about 8 vics a day and 4 somas and I know I am on the path of self destruction. When I run out I drink and smoke pot to help mellow me out. I am 46 a grandmother and I feel just so lonely and I feel like shit most of the time. I am on an antidepressant and I see a counselor..she knows nothing about my addiction. I feel hope in reading some stories here and I would like some advice as to how to get off of them for good.

thanks for listening!
Hello Jacritch and welcome.:)

Vicodin and soma were my drug of choices too. It was the hardest task I ever faced when I decided to quit these demon drugs. I came clean with my family and my doctor, and that was really tough. But, the battle had only begun. It was a huge step for me to come clean with those that love and care for me, and it was a painful step to come out of being dope sick, fight PAWS for however long it takes, and not relapse back into the false pleasure of opiates. After a long and exhausting battle, I once again was able to stand in the midst of the forest in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, raise my hands to the sky, and feel joy. That moment did come, the ugly past was behind me, and I was, as a result, clean and happy.

However, there have been relapses, just like the one you are experiencing at this moment. I have fallen many times, dusted myself off, and plunged headfirst back into LIFE. The dopesick part after a relapse has to be the worst. The withdrawals are what keep most people hooked. But, there is a life to be had by a choice that you make, and you must make the right choice soon, before it is too late.

My body, for example, has been battered by relapses, and since I know the pain to come during detox, it makes it even more difficult to make that decision when the addiction has beaten me down into high opiate tolerance levels, again. It is so easy to think, "this would all be gone if I had a few pills." But, how much can the body take? When is the decision final and you remain strong against the addiction giant for the rest of your life, the one you know who can kill you in the end?

I did it, girl, and you can too. It won't be easy, as you already know, but you have our support and can come here and talk, anytime.

Good luck and stay strong.