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I really hear you on the pain factor, especially by the end of the day. I get where I have to tke Vicodin. I went grocery shopping in Sunday. I didnt take Celebrex because it was the day before the rhizotomy and wasnt sure if it was ok. I didint think Celebrex helped that much until i didnt take it. I was so far gone that when I got in the car afterwards i lost it crying. My job is elem. substitute teacher. I havent been able to work since last Oct. because I cannot stand up for any length of time. My goal is to get to half days. I would just be so happy to do a half ay again. I am 52, and its too young to retire. I need the income! I just wanted to share that I understand how you all feel emotionally. Always having to think of stuff before you do it....doing stuff and then paying a huge price. I went to Black Hawk on sat. to do slot machines and eat a big ole buffet. It did take my mind off the pain, but man, when I got home I had to spend 2 hours staight getting myself to a manageable state (Vicodin, heating pad..and then Sombra rub). By the way, do you guys know about Sombra??? Its this stuff that isnt sticky that you can rub where it hurts. I couldnt live without it. It takes the edge off. Where I had my neck fusion, I still get REALLY tight muscles in the neck, trapezius, and upper back. So ihave the ole doulbe whammy of back and neck. The neck did get better, but it is still a problem when I am upright for too long. I refuse to give in to all of this at age 52. NO WAY!